Partner(s) wanted for a "Battlefield Hardline" project

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Hey all,

Looking to create the #1 Battlefield Hardline Website / Fansite ASAP and am looking for one (Maybe several people to join me for this project).. I have huge EXP in the Battlefield niche (Sold my last Battlefield Project for 12k + other revenue, so rest assured i am committed to this).

Looking for like minded people. And i am happy to pull more than my fair share of the weight and will explain my plans and also provided you with more info about myself and my skill sets to anyone who is seriously interested.

Please PM me if you are interested, I would like to get this going ASAP.. I have a spare XF License (tho it does need renewing to access the latest XF)..

Regards, Darren

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Hows your venture going? Will you show the same level of enthusiasm for this project?

No need to be smart.. I lost a close family friend last week and this week ive had "Man-Flu" so yes ive not got very much done at all, However if you keep an eye on EP you will see that in the coming week (Possibly 10 days) that it will be live and we will be accepting sign up's. Ive been awaiting a major update for my shopping cart solution to be released (as i am also assisting in updating the general layouts and providing different options for customers of the best E-Commerce Addon for XF Called: Microcart ive had to put that side of things on the back burner, Also we need to await the stable version of XF 1.4 to ensure that there are no errors / conflicts with the updated Microcart addon as this is a critical part of

Again i do apologize for having several "official launch coming soon" threads.. I am that of a perfectionist and tend to scrap my work very often if so much as one little element is not to my high expectations so yes i do admit i should of had it live by now, however i do not believe in the "Near enough is Good Enough" philosophy and will only allow / use Quality work.

Regards, Darren.