Panel [Paid Request]


I'm looking for someone who isn't going to waste my time, energy or money. I am looking for someone who can make a game panel for our game server. Our game server has it's own database which players register on. I want players to be able to link their forum accounts to the game server by going into the forum user panel and then linking the two accounts by logging in the game server via the forums.

After that, I want the players to access their account statistics. Account statistics is just displaying player's data in the game server already - nothing hard.

This is a paid request and I would like this request to not be released publicly. Please either reply here or send me a message with the following information:

Portfolio website (optional):
Time required (days - not optional):
Preliminary cost (in US dollars):

Thank you.


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It may be helpful to provide a rough estimation as to what your budget is.


Budget is around $0 to $300.

All you need to do is, add a new user panel option called "Character link" and people can click that and see a login screen, once they login, their xenforo account is linked with their game account. If they click a tab called stats, they'll see their own game statistics (all data is provided in it's own database - no hard maths required).