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Style Paid XenForo style containing parts from the default style.

Adam K M

Active member

We're currently developing a premium style for XenForo which we are planning to sell for $20. We started off our style by duplicating the default XenForo Style, and then making our template and style customations from there. We've got a lost of pretty heavy customizations in the style right now - but, there is still quite a lot of unchanged template code and icons which are from the original, default XenForo style.

Are there any issues with releasing a (paid) beta of the style which would contain images / css / template HTML from the original XenForo style?

Any thoughts, @Kier and @Brogan ?


Well-known member
I haven't seen a non framework theme that isn't based on the stock theme. It's a pretty big deal to start from scratch. It's a hundred times harder to maintain if nothing remains from the stock theme and you also don't have a common framework between multiple themes. Mostly because you lose all reference for changes between versions. It's a little easier with a framework but then again I think the stock XenBase theme shares a lot with the stock theme, not sure about the others as UI.X is distributed slightly differently.