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[Paid] WP - XF integration with theme

I have a site : Allergychat

I like the look of the homepage and want a WP theme designed similar to what it looks like now.

I want the articles to create a thread in xf. I want the comments to link to the threads so there is no commenting in WP. I want widgets on the side of the WP pages that show "New, popular, posted" threads from xf.


Digital Doctor

Well-known member
Jaxel could mod Xenporta to accomplish the look, but he'd probably want the whole thing in Xenforo though (ie No Wordpress).

If you wanted WP for sure, consider talking to D.O.A.

If your site had an encyclopedia / wiki ... I think it could be great content for search engine love.
I'd get Jaxel to modify XenCarta.
Native wiki - http://xenforo.com/community/threads/suggestion-native-wiki.1636/
XenCarta. http://xenforo.com/community/threads/8wayrun-com-xencarta-lite-wiki.7589/

Nice site BTW.
FYI: did you hear about this research ?
I read about it tonight. Pretty interesting I say.

xfrocks is a smart guy, especially with Wordpress.



Active member
Thanks DD. I'm not wed to anything but I think WP is the best. As I develop more content and info I thought it would be easier to find developers for it than inside XF.

I hadn't heard about the vaccine research. It sounds interesting and promising.

Thanks again bud


Active member
laztrix, the way I understand it, Bambua's theme is based off xf page. I like the layout of my homepage and want to keep the style just incorporate WP into it. Then I want the wp to link to the XF forums. Close, but unless I misunderstand, not the same.


Active member
I'll look closer at those and see. I seem to recall they were more designed to integrate logins. Since I don't plan on having users login to wp I didn't see the need, but maybe I've missed something. I also don't want the css to pull from xf.

Basically, be able to create posts in WP and have a discuss link at the end that goes to a XF thread. If you look at canonrumors.com you will see a similar concept with a different forum.

Digital Doctor

Well-known member
DD did you take a look at www.canonrumors.com? Do you see how it says "Follow on forum"?
Yea. That's very easy.
Harder is getting the xenforo comments to appear on the WP Blog Post.
Ask xfrocks or D.O.A to comment what it would take to make it for you.
Should be easy.
My best guess, is it would be best to have a WP plugin that communicates with the Xenforo API to generate the forum thread.
Other things that would be harder would be ... showing the number of Xenforo Comments on the WP Blog Post.
Obviously if you dont have that many Blog posts ... you could manually make the Xenforo threads.
FYI, Bambua is good with WP styles.
That's what I was thinking. I thought it would be easy for someone who knows what they are doing. It would be great to see something like this in the WP plugin page. Do you know right now there are no plugins for XF when you search WP? I was hoping one of them might step in here. Maybe I should be asking a WP guy and not XF?

Digital Doctor

Well-known member
It's so easy, any way would work.
Probably easiest to do for a WP coder to just make a few WP template edits .. add the code to get xenforo's API to make the new thread. Considering the enormous Wordpress Coding community ... find a WP job board and it'll get done superfast.
You could make it even easier on the coder to get some one here to give you some information about the API commands that create a new thread in Xenforo.

Digital Doctor

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