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[Paid] vBSEO redirections to Xenforo using nginx

Discussion in 'Custom Service/Development Requests' started by Agusti Fernandez Pardo, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Hi there guys, I've recently migrated my forums from vBulletin to XF and I need to redirect my old urls to XF's.

    I know there's this plugin http://xenforo.com/community/threads/redirects-for-vbseod-urls.5098/ but I don't know how to really use it, and also, I run nginx so I can't just use the instructions and do it, but maybe, someone with the skills could help me.

    For a budget, I dont know how much would it take you, but I will certainly pay for your job.

    Thanks in advance for any help
  2. giorgino

    giorgino Well-Known Member

    Hey Agusti have you resolved?
  3. SneakyDave

    SneakyDave Well-Known Member

    Hi, I'm looking for this feature too, I'm willing to part with some $USD for the effort.
  4. Jake Bunce

    Jake Bunce XenForo Moderator Staff Member

  5. SneakyDave

    SneakyDave Well-Known Member

    I think I got it figured out. I used the VBSEO uninstallation instructions on their site to find out what rewrites were needed to revert back to the vBulletin files, and then experimented with it getting to work with nginx. I have the default (#1) preset, and this seems to work.

            rewrite [^/]+/([\d]+)-.+-([\d]+).html /showthread.php?t=$1&page=$2 last;
            rewrite [^/]+/([\d]+)-.+.html /showthread.php?t=$1 last;
    Then I have rewrites for the individual forums. I think these could have been rewritten right to the xF installatiopn, but I chose the rewrite them to the original vBulletin files to be consistent with the threads.

      rewrite /some-forum-name / /forumdisplay.php?f=7 permanent;
      rewrite /another-forum-name/ /forumdisplay.php?f=9 permanent;
  6. Rob

    Rob Well-Known Member

    I read somewhere that a huge list of rewrite rules not contained in a 'location blah { }" construct is very bad for performance.

    I have a very long list of forums that need manually redirected due to lack of forum ids and am wondering what is the best method to tackle this?

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