[Paid] Various Modifications


I've got three request which I've already mentioned in other threads:

1. Disable Specific User Upgrades for Non-Upgraded Users

2. 'Name' callback, validate value | I would like to validate 'Name' during registration against a list of names in a database/file (already implemented for custom fields by Jake Bunce, read this post).

3. Minecraft Avatar

I'd say all the modifications are of a relatively small scale and thus I'd prefer to work with the same developer for all three requests. However, if you'd like to offer your assistance for just one or two of the requests don't hesitate to start a conversation with me.

This is paid work, so if you contact me please include an indication of your hourly rate, or/and a quote for the modification(s).

If you're interested please start a conversation with me!
Ive seen something that may be what your looking for. A server called pulsecraft has a xenforo website. The server uses a plugin so when you first join you have to register using a command /register <password> <email>. This then automatically creates a account on the website with the players name as the username and the email and Password you set ingame. The avatar is automatically your ingame skins face and there are some other small features.

I think it has something to do with the xAuth plugin. When I looked at the servers plugin list the only thing that I think it could have been was something called pulselogin. I think this must be a custom plugin. If you wpuld like to take a look the server is m.pulsecraft.org and the website is pulsecraft.org

If you figure anything out please tell me! :)