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Other PAID: User Registration Via API (From DAP)

Discussion in 'Custom Service/Development Requests' started by jjeeffff, May 6, 2013.

  1. jjeeffff

    jjeeffff Member

    I would like someone to write a plugin for Digital Access Pass (DAP) membership software that will register users on my XenForo installation via the Xenforo API.

    DAP has a plugin system that can be activated when a user is added to a product (when they buy) and also when a user is removed from a product (when their access lapses due to cancellation or non-payment). It ships with plugins already for GetResponse and MailChimp - that adds a users name and email address to those mailing list services. I need an equivalent written for XenForo that registers the user with their name and email address.

    If the user cancels their membership via DAP - the user should be moved to a specified usergroup in XenForo.

    I've had a look at the GetResponse plugin that DAP ships with. I'm not a programmer, but it doesn't look overly complicated. Its only 132 lines long including comments - but I suppose the 'difficulty' of the project would be more determined by the XenForo API.

    If you can quote me for this work I'd appreciate it. Similarly, I think this would be a popular product if someone wanted to develop it themselves to sell. Currently DAP only integrates with VB - XenForo integration would be really useful. Otherwise I'd consider paying for the time it takes to develop.

    Please let me know if you can help or if you want more info on the plugins that ship with DAP and see how it all works.

  2. Contex

    Contex Well-Known Member

    Hey jjeeffff.

    I still have a couple of things I have to add to my XenAPI before I can implement user registration, although I'm planning to do so within a week or so. What you are requesting will be fully supported by my XenAPI, I'll just have to look into DAP before I tell you if I'm capable of creating what you're requesting.

    I already have a couple of requests for a XenForo <=> Wordpress bridge, I was planning on starting with that after I get all the features I need implemented.

    If you can show me an example of a DAP plugin, that'd be great.

    - C
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  3. jjeeffff

    jjeeffff Member

    Thanks a lot for updating your plugin to allow this :)

    Here is an example of the GetReponse plugin (I hope its ok to post it like this - its useless to non-DAP owners):
  4. Contex

    Contex Well-Known Member

    Just by glancing through the code I can see that I should be able to create something once I get the functions added to my API.
    Are you by any chance able to set me up with a testing environment once I get there?
  5. jjeeffff

    jjeeffff Member

    Here is a bit more info that might be helpful...

    In the product settings page of DAP, there is a text box where you can add parameters to pass to the plugin. So for example, one of my products has the "user add notification" box looking like this:

    This seems to tell DAP to use the getresponse plugin, provides the API key for getresponse and finally the name of the email list the user should be added to - in this case owners of my "Yes/No Trick".

    So could something similar be done with XenForo - maybe something like:

    The plugin itself will need to transmit user specific data from the DAP database. You can see in the GetResponse plugin example how the Users name and email is transmitted. This would need to be the case with the XenForo plugin so that a username can be created based on the users name in DAP and a password created. I'm hoping XenForo could then send an email to the new user with their login details. There would need to be some sort of duplicate checking. Often I'll tag a months trial forum access to my other products. So if someone buys "Product A" they might get a forum account free. If they then buy "Product B" - I don't want them to have a second forum account made.

    There is one complication as far as I can see - the "Name" stored in DAP for a user is taken from their PayPal. Users might not want to post on the forum with the full real name. So I want to give them the ability to change their username. I'm wondering some unique piece of data from the DAP database can be added to a user profile field in XenForo. So if the users full name was used intially as the username in XenForo, but also recorded in another field - this field could be checked to guard against duplicate accounts.
  6. jjeeffff

    jjeeffff Member

    Yes absolutely - I'll get a test environment setup in the next day or so :)
  7. Contex

    Contex Well-Known Member

    It looks quite straight forward and easy to do, we can work something out, let me know in a private conversation once you've setup the testing environment.

    I'll see if I can get the required actions added to my API this week.
  8. Contex

    Contex Well-Known Member

  9. Deepmartini

    Deepmartini Well-Known Member

    Tell us more about your wordpress to xenforo bridge? Will this allow wordpress to handle the user registration then create an account in xenforo, with single sign on ability and matching user avatars?
  10. Contex

    Contex Well-Known Member

    Yes, I was working on a full bridge, (meaning full support both ways) and open source of course, but I haven't worked more on it since something similar have been created already: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/xf-wordpress-bridge-paid.50535
  11. tomah

    tomah New Member

    @jjeeffff @Contex
    I've just attempted to do this, but I'm not sure if I've succeeded.

    When the user logs in through DAP, does it automatically log them in xenforo? If it's meant to, that's the bit that's not working for me.

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