Add-on (Paid) Thread Ratings


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I moved my board from vb 3.8 and my forum really misses the thread rating function of vbulletin. I'm looking for a very simple addon that would basically replicate vbulletin thread rating. A simple drop down at the top of the thread where member's can rate the thread. Ratings are displayed on the discussion list and at the top of the thread. I can provide a demo if needed.

I've contacted one developer who gave me a price to do this, but I've yet to pay for custom XF work so I'd like to make a public request to get a better idea of how much custom development costs here.



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I'm looking at it on Teflon's site and I like the way it looks. I LOVE that we can tell who rated threads. You can then take away privileges of members who abuse the system. Great job @JulianD