PAID - Small ACP Plugin - Enable 2 Paypal accounts


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Yes.. I'm aware having two paypal accounts is against their ToS, at least I believe it is. But... basically what I would love to see is the ability to set a second email for User Upgrades. Seems rather simple... I hope...

Basically I need some upgrades to go to one paypal, and another to go a different paypal in someone else's name.

Here's a rough draft of exactly what I need...

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First one is found in the List User Upgrades....
Second image is creating a new user upgrade, you choose the associated paypal.

Contact me for quotes please!

You're allowed two Paypal accounts (One personal or premiere, and one business).


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I'm bumping this... as that plugin doesn't work or it's a conflict with another one of our add-ons sadly.