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(Paid) Show upcoming dates in sidebar or forum_list

Discussion in 'Resource and Add-on Requests' started by derandechser, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. derandechser

    derandechser Member

    Hi there, this is what i´m looking for:
    I made a custom profile-field, where users can add their wedding date.
    Now i want to show the upcoming wedding-dates in sidebar or on forum_list.
    Is somebody able to do this?
    If yes, just send me your price and i´ll contact you:)
  2. Liam23

    Liam23 Active Member

    I may be able to do this, Send me a PM.
  3. derandechser

    derandechser Member

    Hey there, it´s a bit longer since i made this request, so i ask again and hope, someone finds some time to realize this (first post).
    If somebody is interested in doing this, just pm me.
    Greetings, Peter:)

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