Add-on Paid Resources


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Could anyone tell me if something like this would be possible?

Paid Resources
- Would like to offer members a way to sell paid resources with some specific features in mind.

- Resource owner uploads file and sets a price (price cap can be sent in acp; 0 for no cap?).
- Resource owner enters payment details in account.
- Paid resources are only avaliable per category meaning some categories may not allow paid resources.

- Member purchases result in digital receipt sent to email.
- Member also has a section to download their purchases and view license.

- Main forum payment details. Member payments get sent to forum account specified in acp.

- Every X days, payment is sent to resource owners if they reached the minimum payment threashhold set my forum owner.
-- payment is x% from total as site takes a cut.
- Possiblity of issuing refunds to buyers. Should be like a button on payment history to click refund.

- Ability for "sales" and/or "bundles" where admin and/or mod sets specific games to have a sale with a specified % off during a set start and end date. Games on sale would have a special prefix/ribbon or something to denote sale.
I don't think i want sales or bundles to be set by resource owners. Also bundles would be like buy x, x, x for x% off or something like that.

- Usergroup permissions to allow certain usergroups to view payment history and do refunds or approve resources, edit/delete resources, etc.

* Allow forum owner to possibly display purchases (free or paid) publicly in a new profile tab?

Also interested in having some XenPorta modules created such as Popular Downloads (ability to choose category or all), Featured Downloads (set resource id and feature that item), Highest Rated

Would any of this be possible? Really hope so as I am extremely interested in seeing this developed and would obviously pay. Anyone else interested? ;)