Add-on Paid Request - Shop Add-on


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Willing to pay 100$+ (as a starting price) for a Store/Market add-on that I can create custom items to populate it with (mostly digital). Some features I would be interested in, but that do not have to be included are:
  • Bartering system.
  • Users can sell items they own for depreciated price.
  • Icon/image for items.
  • Description for items.
  • Integration with various credit/banking add-ons
  • Item quantity / item inventory
  • Simple review system for items
  • Able to feature items
  • Able to display items in separate member tab
  • Trophies and achievements for various things
  • Ability to create new items by mixing adding one item to another. Combinations would be predetermined.
    • Failed combinations would yield no results.
    • Examples: Rock + Paint = Painted rock. Rock + Water = Nothing. Failed combination.
Things in bold (image, description, integration and item display) are the only real requirements. Please start a conversation with me for a quote/to quote your price and to discuss the possibility of this further, thanks!