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[PAID REQUEST] Quiz plugin for education courses


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We are going to offer an online training through our forum and I'm looking for developer/ideas from our community of how we would be able to accomplish these tasks.

The course would contain a dozen or more chapter, each chapter will have its own private forum/subforum.

Each chapter will contain video/reading/assignments and a quiz. To move to chapter 2, students would have to take a Quiz 1, and pass it.

Back end: the owner will be able to update/create the quiz via ACP. The quiz would be multiple choices. The Q/A anti-spam measure of Xenforo is something we can use to create the answer.

If we can upload multiple quiz and answer at once, it would be much preferred instead of create one by one. If the addin can connect to a text file or spreadsheet that contains these quiz, it would be great as well.

Each quiz will have multiple questions which we will randomize. Each quiz has a countdown clock so students have 30 minutes or so to answer.

We will have a record of who has taken which quiz, how many times, when, etc. We can reset any students record as well so they can retake the quiz, etc.

We are known to pay well for all of our mods so any interested developer is encouraged to contact us.

Many thanks

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Have you looked into Moodle ?

I think this would be a major addon.
and I think once you have the classes running, you'll realize you want more options.

There is a great deal of software in this space.

Joomla has a Jfusion.org bridge to Moodle and eFront.

Jfusion essentially ties Joomla to xenforo, moodle, efront, and many other softwares.

Moodle alternatives.


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Have you looked into Moodle ?
Thanks. I know Moodle for years.

We want to built our future site from Xenforo up and not mix and match too many other software.
We already have a handful of addon coded for our site and pays thousands for it with great success so there is no reason that we can't do this, especially when XF 1.1 is coming out soon.