Other PAID REQUEST: Need to fully reinstall Forum after messing up upgrade



Today I underwent the ingenious actions of trying to downgrade our forum back after upgrading to 1.2, the FTP was literally just overwritten with the old files.

This hasn't worked, and I need my forum reinstalling, I can skin and retheme it how it was and reinstall vital plugins afterwords.

I am looking for someone who can help me reinstall my forums, whilst keeping my old user data, forum structure and posts. I need this to stay the same so that I can reset up things around this and carry on.

I will gladly pay somebody around £100 to sit with me on Skype for a few hours and do this.

I need someone who has a lot of experience with XenForo.

I have a big promotion coming tomorrow so I need my forums back online, urgent.

Please let me know.
Thanks, John.


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You cannot downgrade XenForo. Reupload the 1.2 files and it should begin functioning again


Somebody contacted me and we fixed the issue, luckily didn't have to go about reinstalling. :)