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[paid request] first post to a forum is free, subsequent posts are for upgraded accounts only


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The idea is to allow users to post the first thread in a trade forum for "free" and after that they need to belong to a special group if they want to post additional threads. The pseudo code would look something like this:

-in mod setup the admin can designate which forum to monitor

-in mod setup the admin can designate which user group can create threads

-upon user clicking create thread query checks whether user belongs to the designated group

-if user belongs, thread is posted, mod exits

-if user doesn't belong query checks whether user has already started > 0 threads to this forum

-if user started > 0 threads in that forum then new thread is denied

-if new thread is denied error message with customizable text is displayed

-if user didn't start a thread in that forum yet then new thread is created

I would like to think that this is a mod a whole lot of folks would make use of since it's an easy way to provide a tangible benefit to folks who upgrade their account. As such I see two possible ways to pay for this add-on:

#1 I pay for the development costs and once the mod is complete all intellectual property rights associated with the add-on (as applicable) transfer to me and I can do with the mod whatever I want. Including giving it away or selling it. As part of that deal I would require a non-compete clause that basically says that you will not sell me the mod and then turn around and release something ever so slightly different to not make a 1:1 copy yourself.

The #1 option is only available to U.S. residents. Physically signed contract required, yadda yadda yadda.

#2 The mod is paid for through community effort by interested admins pledging to pitch in and actually follow through with payment. I would be willing to assist in coordinating this to see it through. The end result would be a mod that will be released to the community free of charge (other than to the admins that paid for the development, obviously) and the coder will be encouraged to provide paid support for some reasonable (TBD) annual free.

You may ask yourself; Why should I pay for the development if I can just hang back and wait till some suckers pay for it and then I'll get it for free? or like someone else wrote elsewhere: what 1S THE 1NSENT1VE to pay?

Well, the incentive to pay is to get this add-on developed before you end up in a retirement home. Waiting for an add-on to magically appear just because someone out there has nothing else to do will take way too long. I can't tell you why you should pay, I can only tell you why I will pay. I'll pay because I feel that this add-on will provide my users with a tangible benefit for their account upgrade and by restricting the ability to create threads in a specific forum provides the "1NSENT1VE" to go ahead and upgrade.


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Also, I fkn hate TinyMCE, the formatting is all screwed up and looks nothing like it looked when I composted the post. Different fonts, superfluous line breaks, OMG, so infuriating!


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This request was picked up by one of the shining beacons of the XF coding community. ;) Watch this thread for a release announcement soon™.


Also, I fkn hate TinyMCE, the formatting is all screwed up and looks nothing like it looked when I composted the post. Different fonts, superfluous line breaks, OMG, so infuriating!
I like TinyMCE, but I don't love it. I also don't have the problems that you describe with it though. I just type - select what I want changed to bold and click the bold icon . It doesn't change the font. etc.

But good news! Since the alpha it's been rumored that they are considering replacing it. (aw)