Add-on [PAID] Post ownership and time changes


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I'm looking for a custom addon that does a few things:

1 - Change authors of multiple posts at once
Ideally, it would work the way normal moderation tools presently function. I select multiple posts, select "Change Author" from the tools drop down, type a user's name into a popup dialog (with auto complete), hit submit and have the creators of the selected posts change to that author.

2 - Change post date
Anything that would let me change a post's creation date as quickly as possible. Maybe something inline where I hit a link at the bottom of the post, have a field appear that accepts a UNIX time code, hit submit and be done. I'm okay with having to rebuild caches manually and all that afterwards.

Use case is recreating threads based on Internet Archive stuff I'm recovering, as well as some flat-file and EXTREMELY old UBB databases that I'd like to do by hand for accuracy's sake.

@******* made an addon that I've been using that accomplishes the above end result, but it's extremely time consuming when a single thread I'm reconstructing has 900+ posts in it:*******-change-threads-posts-owner.1327/

Hit me up via PM and let me know what it might take to get this coded.
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Did you ever find anything other than the @******* add-on? I'm particularly looking for an easy solution for changing a post date when needed.


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