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I am looking for someone who can create an off canvas Slide Out Menu for my site. The same style menu that can be seen on http://24ways.org/. I have spoken to the developer of that site, who is to busy to help me, but has provided some comments.

Basically it is a slide out menu that is fixed to the right side of the page as a column. The slide out will contain the main menu items and the column contains the sub menu items in an abbreviated form. The XF search is contained in the slide out. On mobile, the slide out comes down from the top from a sticky row that also contains a shrinked version of the site logo.

I need to get this done ASAP and there are many different off canvas slide out menu templates available on the net from which to start from. Please PM me if you are interested...thanks


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Had another thought...using the XF Login or Sign Up drop down script create a copy of this for the right side and include a hamburger trigger and the navbar elements are in the slide out component


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As no one wanted the paid job of doing this I have done it myself using the Quick Navigation function as this is not really used. I have created a right hand column that has a hamburger menu button that when a user clicks it an overlay appears in the right of the screen. The right column with the hamburger menu button and visitor tab icons and footer links is sticky as a user scrolls down a page

To Do:
1. Remove the main menu bar from the header and place it into the overlay
2. Move the Visitor Tab Icons with Alert and PM balloons into the right column
3. Move the Search function into the overlay
4. Make the right column a sticky row across the top of a mobile device with just a small site logo and the hamburger menu button and make the menu drop down from the top

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg

Took me a bit longer to do than to pay an XF developer to do but as no one wanted the job one has to improvise


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Here are some more screen shots of work in progress. The right column is fixed as a user scrolls down the page so they have access to the menu system at all times no matter where they are on a page

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg