(PAID) Non-Digital Marketplace

Would like to have an addon that would allow a paying subscription member to pay to be a merchant. They could open a marketplace block, and sell their wares to other members. Payments could be made straight from the user's store and to the payment gateway. Would want to include shipping API from the user's zip code. Might be cool to have it like the User Album addon, where people can make comments and share the complete store to Facebook or other social media. Backend would include payment gateway API, zip code, shipping API and inventory amount. Would want to keep it simple on the front and back end.

This is a paid gig, and would like to get some insight from the community on this.
It's like microcart in the fact it's a store...but that's where it ends. Non-digital goods for one; upgraded user created stores like a virtual flea market. So, it would still need creation.
We want our community to develop upgrades to our products and be able to have a means of easily selling to our community. So this would allow for people all over the world to sell form various locations in a clean and easy virtual market...

Think of it as an Etsy for XenForo
I could see this being a really nice thing for the community. Car forums wanting to sell parts? Computer and tech forums selling gear? Now your premium users can sell that directly to the community they are a part of, with a much more receptive audience.