Add-on [Paid] MVP Polls


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I'm looking to get some modifications to the poll system developed, would be interested to hear how much a developer could produce this for, and if any other sites are interested in such a system.

Here are some mockups I've put together, pretty flexible on all the details.

1 New Thread Page - Standard Poll Selected.png
New thread page for normal poll

1 New Thread Page - MVP Poll Selected.png
New thread page when MVP poll is picked from dropdown

2 Cast your vote.png
Cast your vote page

3 Votes selected.png
Votes selected

4 Vote display.png
Votes display (if allowed to view)

4 Vote display - no permissions.png
Votes display (no permission)

5 Admin Report.png
Admin report

6 Admin Permissions.png
Admin permissions



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But what if there's a tie?

5 Admin Report - Three way tie.png
Three way tie for first

5 Admin Report - Tie for First.png
Two way tie for first

5 Admin Report - Tie for second.png
Two way tie for second

5 Admin Report - Five way tie.png
Five way tie for first