[Paid] Import from Fluxbb 1.5.3 to Xenforo v1.1.x Help


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Hi Guys,

Have been directed to create a thread here and I'm new to the community.

I need to convert my fluxbb v1.5.3 community to a Xenforo v1.1.x forum.

I was scared to perform this task and went ahead to try anyway since I really wanted to make the move as soon as possible. I used the importer available here and this was not able to import users, that is where it gets stuck? Importer Link

My website is http://raceonoz.com/forum
I want this moved to http://raceonoz.com/forums

So I attempted to do this with the importer but that failed miserably and I have the forum still there under the new /forums directory but it did not import all the content at all especially the users.

It spits the error...
The field 'identities' was not recognised.

Also, nothing available under server error log.

I have been told that this may be due to the importer which is written for Xenforo v1.0.x since identities has been removed since then. I am stuck!

Can you help me please?

Kind Regards,

Justin M

Tracy Perry

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Yup, from FluxBB 1.2.17 to XenForo 1.2.1

Interesting idea to try it that way, I'll give that a go!


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Are you trying to import into 1.2.x? I have a sneaking suspicion that importer was designed for the 1.1.x series of the xenForo software. Maybe try it on a base 1.1.5 install and see if it imports.. Then upgrade that 1.1.5 forum to 1.2.1.
Bummer, it didn't work. I installed 1.1.5 and the importer threw the same error: "The field 'identities' was not recognised." :(


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One is Fluxbb 1.5.3, others I don't know.
I can't see it on my conversation's what specific version.


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Hi Roland,

Ya, we have an existing conversation going about conversions. I mentioned that I need PM's and my CMS pages converted and you mentioned that since these are not part of the core that that the conversion might be too complicated.
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