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Looking for a developer to create a mod for me (Paid). This mod will parse a pop3 mailbox at intervals set in the ACP, and import the contents into in a specific forum.

If a thread with the same title exists that was created in the previous x weeks then add to that thread, or create a new thread if one doesn't exist (with the subject line as the thread title). Once finished then delete the mails that have been processed from the pop box.

Sounds easy, probably quite complex depending on how to handle the pop stuff.

Any takers???



Who will send the mails? Only "some special users" or is everybody allowed to use this system?(I'm only asking because i've coded already something similar for xf)


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ahh - no it's for "conversion" from a yahoo group to a forum. Basically, you can set yahoo to send each post as a mail to a particular mailbox - so therefore each post will come through as a mail - by collating them together (and maybe stripping the footers) then you dont loose the valuble information posted there.

Another extension of this would be to allow anything posted in the same forum to be sent as an email to the group mail address. however that might be a bit much at the moment!!


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Hey Paul, Did you ever have any luck getting this done?

I am looking for the same thing. I have a report which is emailed to us at various times of the day and I want to import them into its own forum.

I do this now on my vBulletin site using an old Usenet Importer which works great... but I am about to say goodbye to vBulletin and this is the last item need to work for me.



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Unfortunately not - It's only something that would have been good, however never really happened. However Still up for contributing towards one if one comes off, since i may be still able to use it...