Add-on [Paid] - automatically detect time zone and location upon registration


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To increase registration rates, I'd like to automatically fetch time zone and location upon registration.
This information can be fetched from the browser, IP or mobile location services.
I'm only interested in country and state.

Country and state should have the appropriate html microdata attributed:

I would like the addon to be publicly released for the XenForo community to use. (free or commercially)
I need this functionality to be developed within the near future, so please respond if your time schedule allows for this project.


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I made this addon awhile ago... then when I was testing it I realized that XenForo actually does this automatically when the user registers already via JavaScript (setting the time zone). So yeah... that was a waste of an addon I made to do it server-side and just ended up deleting it. lol

The built-in JS function XenForo.AutoTimeZone does it already.