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Add-on [Paid] Attachment Catalog + Tagging for Mobile App

We have an XF forum that hosts a good-sized collection of user-created add-ons for our mobile app, uploaded as post attachments, and we'd like to come up with a way to generate a simple "catalog file" of all of those attachments (listing names, descriptions, sizes, URLs, likes, download counts, etc) which our app can efficiently download + present in its native interface (rather than forcing users to go digging through the forum in a web browser).

This would be accessed pretty frequently, so we'd want it to be cached rather than dynamically generated for every user, and we'd want it to integrate with a remote attachment storage add-on like this one so that the downloads themselves could also be hosted outside of our forum server.

We'd also like a way for moderators to add an extra 'tag' to each attachment post which would also show up in the catalog file - a string we could use to specify any formatting requirements / version requirements / etc for these add-ons which the app could then parse.

Anybody interested in developing something like this for us? Thanks.