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Looking for a developer to give me a quote on a custom private addon request to display a page on the main forum page (or from a tab) with a list of db fields, with add/edit/view/delete options. I am highly motivated and ready to start this immediately as I am looking to have this implemented in the next month.

Two permissions need to be group checked, view-able and editable

This page will have search field at the top (search for COMMON_NAME db Field) and Date sorted list with 8 fields (see below). I would like the rows that are within 2 weeks to be highlighted red 2-4 weeks yellow, all others standard color.

Each record can open up a editable overlay or separate page for further editing of all 10 fields (noted below).

Must have a view/add/edit/delete record.

Table of records will look somewhat like this

Primary Key/
COMMON_NAME (varchar 80)
EXP_DATE(SQL date/timestamp)
FORMAT (varchar 50) - drop down list with 4 possible types
SBG (varchar 50)
SERVERS(varcahr 255)
CONTACT (varchar 255) (will be single or multiple email addresses)
NOTES(blob) (only viewable in view/edit mode) CAN BE NULL
CRQNAME (varchar 80, member name lookup) CAN BE NULL
DECOMM (bool)

List Display Fields

Select all records closest date at top (Date Ascending), only if DECOMM field is false

COMMON_NAME, EXP_DATE, DAYS TO EXP (calculated from sqlquery- there is no db field), FORMAT,SBG,SERVERS,CRQNUMBER,CRQNAME)

Addon Install will create dbtable if it does not exist.

OPTIONAL if you know how to do it, send alerts for records expiring within 3 days.
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