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Add-on [paid] add functionality to an add-on

Discussion in 'Custom Service/Development Requests' started by Kimiko, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. Kimiko

    Kimiko Member

    I'm in a bit of a situation here. A few months ago I paid for access to an add-on which was still in development, since then not much has happened. For whatever the reason may be there has been no word from the original developer on the features I was expecting, in fact as far as I can tell he just packed up and left. None of his usual websites where he can be contacted work and he has private messages disabled.

    I'm not letting my investment go to waste so I want to request some functionality added to an existing mod.

    If you are interested please contact me for details and we can work something out.

  2. Floris

    Floris Guest

    Which plugin and what feature do you need to add? This should help get an impression if it's something doable, time consuming, and for how much.
  3. Kimiko

    Kimiko Member

    The plugin is xenshop, the version I currently have is only for purchasing icons/graphics, and it has a built-in points system.
    I want to add the following features:

    1) username change using the already existing shop system and built-in currency system of this plug-in, while making sure the name isn't already in use and respecting any limitations set in the admin pane options (length, disallowed words...).
    2) options for permanent text styling for a users posts, so they do not have to use BBcode all the time, it would include a font selection (same fonts as available in the post editor), font color, and font style (bold, italic, normal). This can either be 3 separate items or one that groups all 3 choices in a package, whatever works best.

    I currently have a shop system on vbulletin with all of this functionality, and until I get those 2 missing functions in xenshop I can not switch to xenforo.

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