XF 2 [PAID] Add Change Thumbnail in XFMG Album


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While XFMG supports "Change Thumbnail" in single video, there is no such option in Album options. So, I want someone to add this feature:

Public quotes only including price and FIXED time for delivery.

Thank you
PS: Please don't use PM
Rare are those who will negotiate a price in public, you risk missing a good developer.

With PM I'm wasting more time. Also is good to know who really read the message and not just the title. Do you think that they negotiate a price even in PM? Wrong. They just include a link to the post. Also a public quote can work as an auction. Just like at Freelancer site.
I was trying to add a thumbnail to my album, and I did not see the option. Is it possible for us to add Thumbnails?XFMG-Thumbnail for Albums Option.webp


  • XFMG-Thumbnail for Albums Option.webp
    XFMG-Thumbnail for Albums Option.webp
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