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Also if you have many reports pending the reports page will take more time to load and will consume more resources on the PC of the moderator... and not everybody runs super computers... an Intel Pentium 4 with 2GB of RAM will probably crash when you try to load the report center with 3,000 reports there WITHOUT pagination...


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Why would you have 3000 reports?

As Chris said in the other thread

It's worth noting that one report is displayed per item of content.

So if your high numbers of reports are often duplicate reports of the same content, then that is shown as a single report and therefore will only count as 1.

This is why the figure of 4,000 somewhat baffles me...
You haven't answered that point...


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I don't understand very well that point but I insist in that there MUST BE pagination on the reports center...
It's not hard to understand really. What Chris is saying is that if an item of content is reported by many users, it displays as one report. So for example if 20 users all report the same post, this will appear as a single report in the report centre.

If you are claiming to have 4000 reports in your report centre (which are unresolved, as they are still there) then that, to me at least, suggests that there is a serious moderation issue going on on your forums as that is 4000 different pieces of content that have been reported. Even for a very big board there shouldn't be 4000 unresolved reports.

So, you may well be insisting that there must be pagination in the reports center but I think you need to justify it more than you have, as the argument is that with efficient moderation it isn't needed.


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Yeah why in the world would anyone have 3,000 open reports? You might as well turn off the report system if you're not going to process reports.

The closed reports list is paginated, that's all that matters IMO.

Tracy Perry

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I agree there might be a moderation issue but again I dont understand why there is no pagination on the report center....
I think that "might" is an slightly severe understatement.... I think the more apt response is "I agree there is a definite moderation issue, said moderation not being performed for an extended time".
The point being, you should never have let it GET to 4000 entries.

And for the permissions issue... you have to realize.... it has to check permissions for every user that is allowed to perform moderation duties... and not all those users will have the same access to all the same areas. THAT is where the permission issues come in. What it may show for you could be entirely different than what shows for me.