XF 1.1 Pages question - "online list and searching them"


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I have two questions about pages I've noticed you create.

1: When looking at the online list it doesn't pickup the page name you created displayed. Check the image below on that one.


2: I tried using search, advanced mode and it lists pages to be searched. But when entering a keyword I know is listed on a page that's more than 4 characters long and not a common keyword being ignored. It still doesn't find it on pages listed. I searched for: "Centipede".


Jake Bunce

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1) They are viewing an unknown page, not a page node. It's probably an addon that failed to define its online location.

2) Page nodes cannot be searched. This should probably be indicated on the search form somehow.


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To the first answer, I'm not using any 3rd party add-ons. The only thing extra on my forum, are two new custom templates created to pull into the sidebar on pages containing Twitter Follow and Twitter Latest Tweets. Unless you think they are getting picked up as unknown template locations?

Yes, if it's not possible to search "Page Nodes", then really it would be best to have them excluded from being listed in the search box I would have thought? Because it kind of makes it appear they are there to be picked for searching.


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Ah right! You mean he got a 404 Error displayed. Broken links from my old MyBB forum indexed being followed from Google - there are many of them! :unsure:


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Well now I know it's not pages anyhow, I've just seen listed a page as being browsed in online list. I was just curious, because in my first post I presumed bots was browsing PAGES and they was being shown as unknown locations, but I'm wrong and they do get shown.

What it might have been thinking about it now. Before I was using the HOME link option in the Admin CP to link towards the (Parent Page) as homepage, with that page set-up to not be displayed as a node on the forum. But the 3 child pages to it was listed as showing node on forum. I have a feeling the parent node configured that way might possibly have been the culprit why I was was seeing so many unknown locations being listed all the time in Who's Online.

Since removing the HOME link leading to it, then making that parent page node visible on the forums along with it's child pages. I've not spotted an unknown location listed since.

If that makes any sense?