Page_Node Insert limesurvey

I was wondering if there were additional methods of inserting limesurvey into a page node without the use of iframes. I am assuming there is a way to call the specific php , but i am unsure of how.

FYI the limesurvey package is stored on the same domain

root: mydomain/forums
limesurvey: mydomain/forums/survey


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You may be able to use Page callbacks, but without knowing the structure of the software, it may be difficult to really explain. What is your level of understanding with PHP?
thank you for replying kind sir. I am weak with respect to php. I, technically a friend & forum member), was able to get it partially intergrated by creating a class and calling it into the page. The problem with that is every time someone clicks on a link i.e. a new survey, submit survey, etc... the user is bounced from the forums and to a non-integrated limesurvey.

i believe this stepping stone was done by declaring the class and using the includeFile callback function (excuse me if my terminology is off)

I was thinking and it may be over excessive, but to include all the limesurvey php/file structure into the xenforo library. but once that is done I am unsure of how to override the bounce from the site.