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Edit: Job has been filled (if you have any worthwhile add-ons you've already related to Resources you feel I might be interested in, feel free to PM them). Thank you!


I was curious about whether anyone of you had heard of (or would know how to create) a page that would list a user's reviews of Resources (similar to how you would list a user's posts, for example).

I've manipulated the Resources system / Bookmark System as a way for Users to log Movies, Videogames, and Books, and I am trying to come up with mods I can retool to accomplish that.

Within reason, I have a budget to accommodate a coder, should they be at all interested (in anything that would benefit my goal, not simply the listed one for this thread). I have skimmed through the entire Resources section at least half a dozen times by now.



Like, for example, how you are able to go to a person's page and view every post they've made, the idea would be that you can go to a person's page and view every Resource they've reviewed in a similar hierarchy.
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