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Notices targeting particular page criteria via "Controller and action" with an action are unreliable, and the description text is now outright wrong.

Example: AddOn\Path\To\ClassName :: methodName
Specify action name as personal-details, not actionPersonalDetails or personalDetails. You may leave the action blank to apply to all actions within the specified controller.

During the XF2.1 update, the following was added to XF\Mv\Dispatcher::dispatchClass

if ($action instanceof \Closure)
    $action = $action($controller, $responseType, $params);
    $action = preg_replace('#[^a-z0-9]#i', ' ', $action);
    $action = str_replace(' ', '', ucwords($action));

An $action of personal-details is normalized to PersonalDetails, which means personal-details doesn't match.

The normalization should be apply after an $action closure is called, and it would make sense to simplify it to all lower-case during normalization as php function names are not case sensitive and it saves lower-casing it in a loop and/or whenever the action needs to be compared.

For notices, the action condition should go through the same normalization to ensure reliable action matching.

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Thank you for reporting this issue, it has now been resolved. We are aiming to include any changes that have been made in a future XF release (2.1.10).

Change log:
Properly normalize page action criteria
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