Page and enabling List of Siblings Node - Text shifted

Hi ..

Have a forum - to that forum I have make a page as node 1 - a page for tell something to users. But instead of going back 1 step to forum - I enabled List Siblings Node in page.

My text is long - longer that the list of siblings node - and the text underneath is shifted to left. I cant figured out - where so fix that..

See the following screens of my problems.


Thanks in advance.


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You can edit the pagenode_container to put the node navigation and content in separate divs.

Find <div id="pageNodeContent"> and move it to just above <article>{xen:raw $templateHtml}</article>

Like so:

And for others - After Brogan advise - We now see this:


Thanks again.

PS. Why can't I edit thread header to insert [Solved] before thread header?
And in RC3 it does not work any longer with Brogan's guide.. Where to place pageContentNode now?

Have done the same as in RC2 where it works but not in RC3 - Have tried to move that pageContentNode line around but have not found the proper place.



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It won't work in RC3 due to css changes.

You will need to replace the pagenode.css content with that from RC2.
Unfortunately this will reintroduce the problem with the Facebook recommend field not being totally visible.