[OzzModz] Separate Active/Inactive/Installable/Legacy Addons

[OzzModz] Separate Active/Inactive/Installable/Legacy Addons 2.0.2

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Suggestion: The same treatment for ACP Options ( /admin.php?options/ ) separating core xF and Add-ons into seperate tabs.


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An add-on caused my web crash so I disable the listeners thing by adding $config['enableListeners'] = false; to config.php and then I go to Add-on page try to remove that add-on, but I'm stuck in Add-on page..

ACP add-ons.gif

What should I do now?

// OK I uninstalled all add-ons to get out of that.


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Actually it's the first add-on made by me but ended up crashing my own forum.

It's much more difficult than imagined.