[OzzModz] Original Poster Thread Starter Indicator

[OzzModz] Original Poster Thread Starter Indicator 2.0.0

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Ozzy47 submitted a new resource:

[OzzModz] Original Poster Thread Starter Indicator - Show the original poster in messages

This addon will add an indicator on the thread starters replies in their own thread. This can help identify the person who started the thread easily.

Indicator Location Properties:
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Avatar Icon Properties:
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Postbit Banner Properties:
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Message Attribution Banner Properties:
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Message Action Bar Banner Properties:...

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Using UI.X 2 from Themehouse, with Xenforo 2.2 - does not work, despite properly installation.

What I did:
  • Upload contents to root
  • Admin CP > add ons > click install
  • Installed
  • Settings are "enabled" on top left of avatar

No change