[OzzModz]/[Kirby] Convert uploaded PNG images to JPEG

[OzzModz]/[Kirby] Convert uploaded PNG images to JPEG 2.0.0

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I guess it convert newly uploaded images and don't touch any existing png attachments, right?
and by default it ignores transparent png uploads or I need to set something for this to work?


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I've installed this add-on and tried to upload the following big png file but it still complaint the file being too big.



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mozjpeg at 75% converted the above image to around 347KB. i guess imagemagick is just not efficient enough at compression.


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So have it actually converted it to jpg? It's difficult to test with a png file which is just larger than the allowed file size yet smaller than the server allowance after conversion.. so I never know whether it's really working.


A problem I just found. But first, the addon is still working great for me!
BUT, I just made some changes to the forum png logo, and uploaded it. And the transparent background didn't work!
It took me a whole hour before I realized this addon apparently converts admin panel uploads to jpg!
Is it possible to make the addon ONLY convert forum message uploads? That way we don't have to disable it to do admin management functions...?