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[OzzModz] Iconify Buttons 2.0.0

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Nulumia submitted a new resource:

Iconify Buttons - Condense button groups with icon-only UI

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This simple addon condenses the action button row into icon-only buttons, for a slimmer and less bloated UI. Affects buttons such as the following:
  • Mark read/unread
  • Watch/unwatch
  • Add page/update etc
  • Rate
  • Filters
Additionally, you can move the filters into the action button group to save even more space! This mimics the appearance of other platforms outside of Xenforo:

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This resource has been taken over by OzzModz. It will be going through a couple of possible updates.

1) Rebranding of the addon to reflect the new owner.
2) Any bug fixes. Paid addons will take priority.


Hello, I have updated and now the browser spits out an error not finding the js in the path /js/nulumia/iconify/core.js

I have been searching and I have located it in /src/addons/Nulumia/IconifyButtons/_data inside template_modifications.xml

  <modification type="public" template="helper_js_global" modification_key="nulumia_iconify_helper_js_global" description="Add the js file" execution_order="10" enabled="1" action="str_replace">
<xf:js src="nulumia/iconify/core.js" />]]></replace>

But of course, the directory no longer exists or anything in that path. I can solve it by modifying it by hand. But I guess others will run into the same problem.