[OzzModz] Hide Moderated Notice From Users

[OzzModz] Hide Moderated Notice From Users 2.0.2

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This actually never worked for threads, but it does now. Update to 2.0.1

Was just going to post about also removing it for threads too. I've been doing this for both posts and threads for 2 years now with 3 conditional edits in 2 templates. I prefer using an addon vs manual edits so I may give this a try.

Does this also remove it from the thread list view too? (thread_list_macros template)

This is what I have.

<xf:if is="$xf.visitor.is_admin OR $xf.visitor.is_moderator">
<xf:if is="$thread.discussion_state == 'moderated'">
<i class="structItem-status structItem-status--moderated" aria-hidden="true" title="{{ phrase('awaiting_approval')|for_attr }}"></i>
<span class="u-srOnly">{{ phrase('awaiting_approval') }}</span>
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