[OzzModz] Global User Ignore (Tachy Goes to Coventry)

[OzzModz] Global User Ignore (Tachy Goes to Coventry) 2.0.0 Patch Level 2

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If they suddenly can't use reactions, isn't that a tipoff to the Tachy?
That's true, but before I apply any such action, the user receive a warning, that if an incident is repeated, their account may be restricted. This also means that posts can no longer be liked. That would fix that side of the problem.

On the other hand, normal users would be surprised if they are liked again and again, but never became a reply to their postings from such users. If a normal user then sends a request to a restricted user, there is an issue - to me.

So far I've solved the problem by manually moving the restricted user to an additional user group whose rights are all set to Transparent (Inherit), only the right to create likes and conversations is set to Never.

If changing these permissions for these users could be done by the add-on itself, it would be of great help to me because our moderators who are supposed to use the add-on cannot move users to another group.


I don't see how disallowing "global ignored" users from using the reactions would make any sense.. The idea of the module is the user itself will never realize everything he does is being hidden (unless he browses the board as a guest). So if you disable certain features for him, he will definitely know something is wrong with his account and the chance he creates another account is very likely.

Imho plenty of messages get reactions from users that don't respond to their message.

I'm using a similar add-on from another developer at the moment and it works like a charm for certain mega annoying trolls. Certainly looking to replace it with Ozzy's.
@Ozzy47 are there any options like enable/disable whether the posts go to the approval queue? Imho they never need to go to the queue but just remain unvisible.

The other devs addon also has the option to add ignored users for specific users only, so in the ACP when I go to a user, I can add certain ignored users. (so the user I am editing will no longer see anything of the name I specified.)


Thought I'd try asking again. I cannot find the permission for 2-way ignore for users. It's not under the General Moderator permissions... or anywhere else I can find. Please help! Thanks.



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Hi, a question on this, on the admin control, could a permission be added to limit who can view the Global User Ignored?
We have many mods & admins that can log into there and it's managed by specific admins. If a permission could be added or if it could be moved into the User Groups section instead, either would help.