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[OzzModz] Frequently Asked Questions [Paid] 2.0.0 Patch Level 2

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I've installed the plugin and Idon't see the permission pb_faq_view anywhere on the user permission list. As well, if it's possible can you allow "Answers" to use the BBCode Editor?


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After upgrading to the latest version (from 1.1) all entries are looking like this:


Please tell me they are not all gone.


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@FloV, yes unfortunately. You can only restore them from a backup. There phrase keys for them: pb_faq_question. pb_faq_answer. pb_faq_category_title. pb_faq_category_description.

@Braaaig this permission was added in latest update. This add-on was designed to use XF's phrases system, so BB-codes cannot be used here.


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linking the questions was very helpful. Thank you! Was wondering if the categories themselves could also be linked? When different categories are set up it would be nice to link directly to them in different situations.

Also not seeing any sort of options or anything for the standalone page. Can't find it anywhere.



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Excellent. The option is there now in the settings for the standalone page.

How tough would it be to list the category name alongside the 'Frequently asked questions' Page title -- 'Frequently asked questions - CATEGORY NAME' for which ever category was clicked?