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Painbaker submitted a new resource:

[PB] Frequently Asked Questions - Frequently asked questions: with multi-categories and search!

Frequently asked questions: with multi-categories and search!

Feature list:
  • Multi-category FAQ items
  • All entries can be translated trough phrases
  • Search by question (for search query will be used visitor's language phrase (if exists) or master phrase)
  • 2 Integration types: as standalone page or help pages extension

Reqiuires Standard Library by Xon!

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This resource has been removed and is no longer available. The following reason was provided:
This resource has been deleted by XenForo Ltd. in line with our resource housekeeping criteria.


Looks nice, is there a demo from the standalone page?

I would like to see, if it only shows the question from the category i choose. There was another FAQ Plugin, which shows all questions from all categories on one page (and jumped with an anchor to categorie position), which was a way to long for one site. Is this also with your plugin? A clickable demo would be nice :)


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No, contact me on Snog's site with your email you purchased with and what you purchased, and I'll add it to your account there.


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Is there a way to hotlink to a single question? I mean to toggle that single question on pageload?


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Not that I have found. It would be nice. We have different categories set up and it would be helpful to direct link to each one instead of having to scroll through everything.