[OzzModz] Edit Own Birthday

[OzzModz] Edit Own Birthday [Paid] 2.0.0

No permission to buy ($5.00)


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This resource has been removed and is no longer available. The following reason was provided:
This resource has been deleted by XenForo Ltd. in line with our resource housekeeping criteria.


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Should have one more permission please:

In a scenaria with one time editing, it is nice if mods can change the birthday directly in the profile. Anyway XF should have these special fields open for mods like normal custom fields also.


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I like the idea to have something lightweight just for this purpose.
You maybe want to extract the functions from the moderator tools later and sell them as a single addon for a small price.
So people could have it without the tools.

For the tools i have maybe an issue, because i cant read the messages completly (no linebreak in the text).
I will send a screenshot later.