[OzzModz] DragonByte eCommerce Product Form Options

[OzzModz] DragonByte eCommerce Product Form Options 2.0.0

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Nulumia submitted a new resource:

DragonByte eCommerce Product Form Options - Customize the product add/edit form, remove unneeded fields, etc

This simple addon allows you to hide unnecessary fields on the product add/edit form in DragonByte eCommerce, along with set default starting values for things like weight, stock, and checking shipping zones.

The addon was developed for client usage and is now being made available as a niche-use product. For example, if your store is very simple and you tend to have the same type of product, you can configure the options to make adding products easier and without extra clutter.


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This resource has been taken over by OzzModz. It will be going through a couple of possible updates.

1) Rebranding of the addon to reflect the new owner.
2) Any bug fixes. Paid addons will take priority.
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