[OzzModz] Approval Queue Improvements

[OzzModz] Approval Queue Improvements [Paid] 2.0.1

No permission to buy ($10.00)


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Very cool! The new addition is great.

I would suggest following XF language, they do not use hard delete.

When a user does not have hard hard delete permission, they see:


When they do have hard delete permission they see:

Remove from public view
Permanently delete

I would suggest those two for those with hard delete permissions and just Delete when they don't, like for a post. :)

But very cool, thanks!
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I just tried the hard delete a new thread (guest posts allowed with moderation) from the queue and for some reason it is acting as 'do nothing' and just seems to reload. I checked permissions as admin and 'Hard-delete any thread' and 'Hard-delete any post' is set to yes and can permanently delete manually. Any ideas what might be missing?


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Well, since my last post i decided to give some recognition to your work, buying this add-on right now.

Thank very much Ozzy for this great add-on.

Working as expected.


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Ozzy, just for curiosity:

- Can i disable/change the color effect on hard delete threads?

That's because i use a dark theme and the color is a little confusing for me.

My procedure, since i deal with more than 5k threads/day, is to mark everything as hard delete and approve only what i need.

Just see the picture for example: