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have I to deinstall the original add-on bevore I install this or is this made as a extension of the original?


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Then yes :)

I separated the two addons as for me this is two totally different things, though they touch the same pages.


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I installed this add-on first, then installed your Toggle Template Modifications next. For some reason, I have ended up with double-buttons on each template modification line.(see attached) The buttons on the right, while they will toggle up/down triangle position, don't seem to don anything else. While the buttons on the left work perfectly. Any ideas as to why I have two-sets of buttons showing up?
Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 5.44.28 PM.jpg


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No, there are no errors and it appears to be working just fine…other than the appearance of the 2nd unneeded buttons. I thought perhaps the order in which I installed the add-ons made a difference?(i.e. Order Template Modifications Groups Alphabetically installed first, then Toggle Template Modifications next) Anyway, I will double-check the file locations and report back.
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