XF 2.1 orange "wait" timer icon stays despite message posting just fine?


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backup ran out of control early this morning and filled up the disc...obviously xenforo/mariadb does not like this.

stopped backup, freed up disk space, everything back online (seemingly)...except one really odd annoying new feature!

when making a reply or posting a new thread, the moment you click to post the little orange 3 bar graphic/timer starts.....but will simply go on and on and on for over a minute, despite the post actually being made instantly?

i can click refresh within 1 second after clicking to post a reply and the post/thread is there and visible etc. however if I dont click refresh the orange timer graphic will just sit there endlessly.

ive no doubt its related to the server running out of space, but there are no errors in the logs i can find and for all intents and purposes xen is running just fine?

is this just a matter of the regular rebuilding jobs needing to run? should i just kick everything off now?


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scratch that, host just responded with this message:

"the backups were not able to complete 100% successfully because:
Table 'xf_search_index' is marked as crashed."

said he was making an effort to repair the table, but if not can this simply just be recreated by running the rebuild index tool?
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