Orange is the New Black (Series 2)

Liam W

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Orange is the New Black Series 2 was released a few days ago...

Unfortunately for me, my Netflix subscription expired a few days ago and I don't have the funds to renew it yet :(

So how is it, if you've watched it? No spoilers though! (There's a spoiler bbcode now, remember ;)).



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I'm watching and loving it! I only got into the show a week or so ago but I'm already on I think episode 8 of the new series. Series 2 is quite different, they seem to be going for more of an ensemble cast rather than focusing a lot on Piper as they have before. I do really like Piper & appreciate that they've made her a pretty damn unlikeable character, but it is great to learn more about characters like Poussey.

I just got to the point where
Mendez returns to replace Fischer. I really hope Fischer isn't gone for good because I think she's fantastic, so that alone is upsetting, but Mendez is DISGUSTING