Optimizing server settings for XF


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I want to optimize my server settings and here are the current settings;
php version: 5.2.6
php max post size: 8MB
php max upload size: 16MB
php memory limit: 32MB
mySQL Version: 5.0.91-community
mySQL Packet Size: 16.00 MB

What should i do?


Are you on dedicated hosting, vps, or shared hosting? And if so, did you run the xenforo test .php to see if your host has everything that xenforo requires? And how much memory does your account have, and how many posts does your board have, and how many online users do you expect? Do you have memcached or apc caching available to you?


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I am on vps, 768MB
Yes, i checked with test and it says:
Requirements Met

Your server meets all of XenForo's PHP requirements.
XenForo also requires MySQL 5.0 or newer. Please manually check that you meet this requirement.

150-300 members online (within 15 mins), i saw even above 2000 visits and server was very smooth (wiredtree vps rocks!),
Threads: 25,925, Posts: 269,714, Members: 13,714
I have APC installed.