XF 1.5 Optimal Settings for foreign languge: Romanization?


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I'm considering having a site that has Korean and Spanish. I'm wondering whether it makes sense to use this interesting setting, which would seem to make URLs easier to manage. If I nixed the Asian language, would the latter make optimal use of this setting as on or off? Help from those having run such forums would be appreciated:

Romanize Titles in URLs
If selected, accented and non-Latin characters in a URL will be converted to Latin equivalents if possible
Either way works. I personally recommended enabling that option. Otherwise the URLs can show encoded entities in place of accented characters when they are shared or hyperlinked.
I will be using Japanese characters as tags, and intend to disable romanisation for URLs.

The reason is due to Chinese Kanji characters - because they have more than one reading, unless you look it up manually the automatic conversion can result in gibberish..

From an SEO perspective it would make more sense to leave the native characters in the URL - makes it more accessible to foreign visitors (if you're targeting them).
Guys - many thanks. These are all very important issues to consider, which is why I asked. My goal is to target visitors in the native language, which makes me consider NOT romanizing them - for example Spanish with the accents. I am guessing that most Spanish searches will be performed using the accents. Even though search engines may pick up on the non-accent form, e.g. Él vs. El, it's probably best to use native form on a native language site and Romanize if it's not native, e.g. Romanize Spanish words that may appear on a site that primarily uses the English language.
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