Opening the doors to an old community


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Hi, Floris here on the XenFans account. How are you all these days? Okay, my community started once in January 2001 as, and shut down ten years later after undergoing a few merges, changes, and url moves (wetalk nation etc), etc. when real life kicked in.. Only to (e)merge with offtopichut and an upgrade from XenForo 1.0 or 1.1 to XenForo 1.5.12. We made a few customizations to the default theme and increased the font-size a bit so we can actually read what's on our screen (full changelog here).

Why is the site back online? If not only for nostalgia reasons (all the feels!), seeing some familiar faces, old discussions, and hanging out with some new people too. Maybe .. see you there as well?

Anyway, we've opened the doors and thought to gather up a bit of feedback which I am sure you guys have. Plus, maybe a few of you recognize me and know my old sites and might just wanna login for old times sake. Don't be scared, it's just a XenForo site with Mikey, Nix and Floris, and our old and new friends.

We're an offtopic community basically, just a place to hang out;



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Great to see the site back up and running! It's been too long :)
Too long indeed. We hope that we get enough traction that we want to keep it up. We've made a great start so far. Come say hi!

Hey Floris, long time! Just signed up as Smokey. :) Looking forward to checking the place out. :)
So cool. Thank you - and if you had an account in the past, just let me know and we will look into that with you.


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What's the sub category display add on you use? I like that.
If you mean how subforums are displayed in the index, that's not an add-on but a built-in feature in Xenforo. :) It's in style properties under Node List/Forum list. Uncheck the Subforum Popup option. :)


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What's the sub category display add on you use? I like that.
Uncheck "Show sub-forums popup"

The only change we made is a background color for node level n, and centering the text.
(Live site has this in extra.css, but dev site has it done the right way, uses font-awesome icon and @primaryLighterStill)
.level-n {background-color:#f0f7fc;text-align:center}
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Any particular reason you've chosen to not have the site mobile friendly?

Using S7 Edge, no responsiveness at all.
The responsive option is temporarily turned off while we fix XenForo's quite unsatisfying display. Everything else is still default XenForo for mobile. Zooming in with touches or pinch works just fine on my iPhone and iPad. One thing I run into is that when we simply increased font size to be readable that the responsive design from XenForo basically collapsed and made it worse than what it is with responsive turned off. Should be back by April.