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[OpenFire] - LiveSearch 1.0.4b

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[OpenFire] - LiveSearch - Adds a LiveSearch to your forum.

Im proud to present you LiveSearch for XenForo.

This addon adds a little searchbox below your top breadcrumbs, where your users can enter search terms and results are getting displayed realtime.

  • Toggle display of the results with a button
  • Set maximum height of result listing
  • Set maximum results to display
  • Choose if displaying new or old threads first (based on posting date)
  • Include / Exclude deleted threads
  • Include / Exclude moderated...
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Adds a LiveSearch to your forum.
You state this
At the "Forum Id" options, enter an existing Id of a forum node, this is a little workaround which will vanish in the next updates :)
Examples for the Id to enter: main.2, support.3, 4, 5 ...
only enter one!
What exactly does that mean? I've to insert all the id's of all the nodes or just one, but which one?


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Problem: I add the id of the forum, but the search returns results in other forums :(


: Move toggle icon into breadcrumb




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Hey :)

That only works with only one id?
adding the id is a workaround to make the search globally possible

Please, it's possible ?
the search should return search results from every forum, thats the purpose of it ;)
for everything else, "more finetuned" they can use the included xenforo search.

the purpose of the quicksearch is to find a specific thread as quick as possible.

i added the toggle there as it may conflict with other themes.
though you can modify everything how you want ;)